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Forever and Always   
by Gus Vela Jr.    
"When I'm with you,
eternity is a step away, ..."
Love Described
Sheer Poetry   
by Gina Murray    
"What is it I see in you?
Is it you or just an image. ..."
Love Described
I Like It Best   
by Sara Tae-Ann Rettus    
"I like it best when you're close to me
When we're touching; creating a swelter ..."
Love Described
If I... If You...   
by Beth Ann Rock    
"If I closed my eyes
Would you remember the color? ..."
Love Described
You do exist!!   
by Mel Christina Di Natale    
"I try so hard but I don't let you see,
I don't want to be like that, but, hey, that's me. ..."
Love Described
by Wrigley    
"Merriment captured the
core of your soul. ..."
Love Described
Love Goes On   
by Kerri    
"When even tears are not enough
And a thousand smiles canít express the way you feel ..."
Love Described
by Stormdancer :)    
"I never told you how you looked..
with the moon spilling from your fingers ..."
Love Described
My flower, My love   
by Amanda Alicia Smith    
"Your petals bloomed around my face
and your leaves scraped my skin. ..."
Love Described
Cherub Channel   
by Jamielee Pierce    
"He walks amidst the stars of night
He beams a bright celestial light ..."
Love Described
A belle in the light   
by Ian Burres Burres    
"Small droplets of light echo her shoulders
As strands of silky hair tickle ..."
Love Described
This is Who   
by Dr.Who3    
"You are a mystery
I hope I never solve, ..."
Love Described
To wake in the morning with you   
by Bonnie Boutelle Bonnie Boutelle    
"To wake in the morning
and see you at my side ..."
Love Described
The Art of Love   
by Venus    
"Sometimes his love was a song,
a tender melody ..."
Love Described
by Flavia Weedn    
" Some people Oooo
come into our lives ( ) ..."
Love Described
by Eric Bernardino Clemente    
"I never imagined you would enter my life
I never imagined I would enter yours... ..."
Love Described
Every Time   
by Nathan A. Buege    
"If every time you crossed my mind,
a drop of rain should fall ..."
Love Described
by Jeremy Michael Aungst    
" let dawn awake,
for I have never seen such beauty. ..."
Love Described
Starry Nights   
by LadyofKnight    
"Starry nights... the sky looks as though glitter
Has been sprinkled from one end to the other. ..."
Love Described
De La Luce   
by Nicole Arias    
"From the light she came.
From the brightest abyss, ..."
Love Described
We are   
by Meghan Barrett    
"We are one in a million
We are the light and the dark ..."
Love Described
True Love   
by Tamara Beryl Latham    
"Love is but a sweet caress
A gentle touch upon thy breast ..."
Love Described
Stormy Weather   
by Sheldon Webb    
"My Love for you is a storm.
When I gaze upon you ..."
Love Described
We Kissed   
by Avery L Pesce    
"By the waters of that lovely lake
we stood and watched the storm. ..."
Love Described

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