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When Dreams Come True   
by Scott Wolcott Sander    
"When I sit and dream,
I think of you. ..."
Love Apart
Thinking of You   
by Rosanne Connally    
"Eyes like the ocean,
Hair like the sun, ..."
Love Apart
Dark Tonight   
by Chrystal Duval    
"Somewhere lost in the night,
I scream for air. ..."
Love Apart
by Stephen Craig Brown    
"Even though we're not together, I know that you're not far,
I smell you in the morning dew, I see you in that star. ..."
Love Apart
Cut Glass   
by Son¥a    
"It was a small fragment of glass..
but, it cut. ..."
Love Apart
Thinking Of You   
by Tessa Chan-A-Shing    
"Despite the darkness that surrounds me
I always see a light– ..."
Love Apart
I Miss You   
by Eurlantae    
"My darling, I miss you. I live for your letters,
Sweet words you send me while we are apart. ..."
Love Apart
Time and Distance   
by Margaret Marr    
"When you're so far away
and the night is silent ..."
Love Apart
My Jar   
by Carrie Lynn Burns    
"If I could put some things in a jar,
Maybe you would not seem so far. ..."
Love Apart
Would that I had wings...   
by Sylvia Leigh    
"Would that I had wings to fly to you...
Expecting nothing more ..."
Love Apart
Loose Thoughts   
by Yvette F. Hanrath    
"The day is done
The children asleep ..."
Love Apart
Fading Dreams   
by Kevin Strong    
"I came home and went to sleep
I closed my weary eyes ..."
Love Apart
by Tom Zart Alan Zart    
"Darling I miss you more than words can tell
As the torments of war burden my heart. ..."
Love Apart
You and Me   
by Kevin Strong    
"Not a day goes by, I don't see your face
And long to be in your embrace, ..."
Love Apart
Missing You   
by Justin XXX    
"Every time I close my eyes,
I'm taken back to where we were, ..."
Love Apart
Going Home   
by Sherry Lynn D    
" At the terminal gate
Hands entangled ..."
Love Apart
by Chris Hughes    
"azure letters contain
the mesmerizing sun ..."
Love Apart
Northern Tranquility   
by Terry-Lynn Johnson    
"With early dawn I stood by the bay
and mist lay low on the lake. ..."
Love Apart
I am the Sea   
by Matt Levesque    
"In these eyes you will find the deepest waters.
They are equal, for I am the sea, Cancerian. ..."
Love Apart
by Loyce Lorree Husky    
" Pitter, patter is what I hear as I listen to the rain.
It fall's against my window and hits gently on the pane... ..."
Love Apart
When August comes   
by Vicki Ummm    
"One beautiful August day
you came into my life ..."
Love Apart
light & darkness   
by pedro pinon gregorio    
"i don't go out in the morning. or at noon
when the sun curves over the horizon. ..."
Love Apart
I Will Find You, My love   
by Rachael Desiree Wheeler    
"You are gone now, my love.
Where have you gone, my love? ..."
Love Apart
by Pamela Carvajal Drapala    
"It’s a lonely weekend without you
Light raindrops fall . . . ..."
Love Apart

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