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Forgiving You   
by Loren Lockhart    
"Forgiving you is going
To be so hard ..."
Love and Forgiveness
Words that didn't matter   
by Saint    
"As I stare at a picture of you smiling beside me
I wonder if you know how much I missÖ ..."
Love and Forgiveness
I'm Sorry   
by L Thompson    
"I've lied and I've cheated
Though I never meant to hurt you, I did. ..."
Love and Forgiveness
What Would You Do...?   
by Salinak Yan    
"What would you do if I say, "I LOVE YOU?"
What would be your response? ..."
Love and Forgiveness
Forgive me   
by Pure    
"How can this be happening,
To a perfect love so true? ..."
Love and Forgiveness
Break Down   
by Berlin Christine W    
"When I fist saw you,
I didn't think loving you was possible. ..."
Love and Forgiveness
by ray berry    
"When i watch you sleep at night,
I long to kiss and hold you tight. ..."
Love and Forgiveness
Please Forgive Me   
by Shayna Bowman    
" It's that the more I live
The more I try. ..."
Love and Forgiveness
Praying for someone like you   
by Randall Joe Bellard    
" All my life I've been
praying for someone ..."
Love and Forgiveness
The one for me   
by K. D. H.    
"Every night before I go to bed I look to God and pray
That you will be here in the morning ..."
Love and Forgiveness
by jessica angel nalley    
"I'm sorry.
Oh, so sorry. ..."
Love and Forgiveness
I'm Sorry If...   
by Lady Bug M.S.D.    
"I'm sorry if I brought you pain
Which made you go into being insane. ..."
Love and Forgiveness
by afton marie sims    
"When you touched me,
Oh so gently, ..."
Love and Forgiveness
I Didnít Mean To Make You Leave   
by Anganiesha Gilliam    
"I didnít mean to make you leave.
I only wanted you to stay with me. ..."
Love and Forgiveness
You Broke My Heart   
by Jessica L. Harmon    
"I knew it from the start
you would break my heart. ..."
Love and Forgiveness
The Dream   
by Kat M    
"Time may come and someone will understand,
The aspects of becoming as one. ..."
Love and Forgiveness
The Affair   
by Julee Dawn Swanson    
"He shifted to the edge a bit
and stretched the weave of love's design, ..."
Love and Forgiveness
"How could you walk and forget?
How could you not regret? ..."
Love and Forgiveness
by Veronica Summers    
"We've been through this before
The lies ..."
Love and Forgiveness
Why I cry   
by John Nathaniel Cannon    
"My feelings I cannot deny
I cannot tell a lie ..."
Love and Forgiveness
When I Left You...   
by Amanda Roy    
"The truth in your touch, the fire in your eyes
Helps me keep the faith through all the good-byes ..."
Love and Forgiveness
by A. Kelly    
"I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for every time my words are harsh and unessessary, ..."
Love and Forgiveness
The Feeling of Love   
by Robbie John Jubinville    
"I felt the pain of sorrow and grief,
And never had a sign of relief. ..."
Love and Forgiveness
I Made A Mistake   
by Chris Haugh    
"I'm sory I made a mistake
if there was just one more step I could take ..."
Love and Forgiveness

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