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Affected Me   
by Anonymous Web Poet    
"I swear it all never affected me -
Being molested by a girl ..."
Love and Doubt
My Last Chance   
by Patricia Annette Roden    
"My pain has ended, 'cause I met someone new
Now, maybe, I can get over you . ..."
Love and Doubt
by flic    
"Every night I lay by your side
I hear your heavy breathing ..."
Love and Doubt
In The Ways Of Love   
by Jackie L Kautz    
"We jumped too fast instead
of taking it slow ..."
Love and Doubt
My Weaknesses   
by Stephanie Arlene Baca    
"I'm so scared that you will see the weaknesses inside me.
I'm so afraid the pain inside will show. ..."
Love and Doubt
At Just One Glance   
by Amy Faith LaNoce    
"Why do I feel so lonely
Parted by a bottomless sea ..."
Love and Doubt
i should have known...   
by Maida Riva Estoque Palapos    
" i always thought i'd never fall in love again
but if i fall, i would never be hurt ..."
Love and Doubt
by baby love me forever    
"Do you want to love me forever
Do you want to make it last ..."
Love and Doubt
You Said   
by Lauren Ashley Gaytos    
"We talked and laughed,
for hours a day. ..."
Love and Doubt
Such A Waste   
by Amber L. Jesse    
"It is such a waste
To love you as much as I do. ..."
Love and Doubt
Change Of Heart   
by Brandini Torian    
"You can't understand me
You don't know how I feel ..."
Love and Doubt
I care, do you?   
by mark stevens    
"Could it be your touch,
Could it be your kiss, ..."
Love and Doubt
Sad Love   
by joel bryan sherman    
"Love is so bold and very hard to explain,
I always wondered why they complain. ..."
Love and Doubt
When you say, "I love you"   
by Ireena Medelle Harris    
"When you say, "I love you,"
Do you really mean it? ..."
Love and Doubt
Self Doubt   
by Tammy Rachelle Watts    
"Are you desperate or insane?
Which one could it be? ..."
Love and Doubt
by sherly ortiz pinkluv    
Love and Doubt
Hidden wishes   
by Rizwana Khaliq    
"I want to prolong talks
Because of having only opportunity ..."
Love and Doubt
Edge Of The Crossroad   
by JJ Morell    
"Many times during the day I think of you
and wonder where you are and what you are doing. ..."
Love and Doubt
Your love is like the weather   
by Dennis Justin Fontaine    
"Your love is like the weather
It's changing every day ..."
Love and Doubt
by Sarah Senkeeto Beautilieswithin    
"I have cried my last tear to your name,
the pain is still there, but the tears can no longer flow! ..."
Love and Doubt
by Anita Johnson    
"The first breath of life,
I breathe you deep. ..."
Love and Doubt
Sometimes I Wonder   
by Dana Ashley Thrower    
" Sometimes I wonder if love is really true
Maybe it's some words to make you feel blue ..."
Love and Doubt
by Joanna Christine Lewis    
"I know I'm different
I've always been ..."
Love and Doubt
Magic Moments   
by PinkShelby    
"When the magic moments have come to an end,
Do you still find it hard to be nothing but friends? ..."
Love and Doubt

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