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by Ai U    
" Why are you doing this to me?
Why are you doing these sweet things again? ..."
Love and Doubt
by Sassy    
"You've messed with my mind long enough,
what are you trying to say? ..."
Love and Doubt
by Stephanie Lyn Soroosh    
"I would not be so naive to believe
this couldn't happen to you and me ..."
Love and Doubt
I Tried, But   
by Amaretto Sorona Herring    
" I tried to make things right,
But the apple you did not want to bite. ..."
Love and Doubt
by Savanna Dawn Lujan    
"You told me you liked me,
I told you the same. ..."
Love and Doubt
Baby You've Gotta Talk To Me   
by Selena Rae    
"I look at you and I wonder
what thoughts run through your mind ..."
Love and Doubt
I dunno what to do   
by LIL'ROBIN    
I feel so bad ..."
Love and Doubt
Nothing Left To Give   
by Jackie R. Mannen    
"When we first became best friends
We did everything together ..."
Love and Doubt
When I'm Gone   
by Jacqueline Yano    
"I think I love him
But I don't really know; ..."
Love and Doubt
by Raechel Richadson    
"I'm so confused about where this path of life leads me.
I must try hard to let it feed me... ..."
Love and Doubt
by Raquel Miranda    
"you told me i hurt you
and now i know it's true ..."
Love and Doubt
Do You Love Me?   
by tear drops    
"What I want to say, I can't express.
What I feel is anybody's guess. ..."
Love and Doubt
please don't leave   
by melody beth hollis    
"you just called me on the phone and said that you wanted to leave
my heart felt like it just stopped and i found it hard to breathe ..."
Love and Doubt
My Love is There   
by Matthew William Swindell    
"Sometimes I have my doubts about you
I wonder if what you're saying's true ..."
Love and Doubt
Forget You Not   
by Heaven On Earth    
"I can't forget about you
The world just won't let me ..."
Love and Doubt
What is Love?   
by Dion    
" What is Love?
Is Love like the sun? ..."
Love and Doubt
Love and confusion   
by Mers L Shadle    
"It's in the way you look at me
I see it in your eyes ..."
Love and Doubt
Is It wrong to love you?   
by Gemma C.    
"Is it wrong to love you?
I don't think i can ..."
Love and Doubt
Bleeding Heart   
by Dayna Nicole Schoenherr    
"You stabbed me in the heart
And left me here to bleed. ..."
Love and Doubt
Mistaken Assumptions   
by Chris Winters    
"You think I like him...
You think I want him... ..."
Love and Doubt
A Chance of Love   
by Amanda Albright    
"I think about him all day long
and all night in my dreams. ..."
Love and Doubt
That face   
by JAK    
"Seeing that beautiful face has made me fall from grace
Like an angel who has lost face, I sit and wait ..."
Love and Doubt
I sit here and think   
by ashley nicole casey    
"Iím sitting here thinking
As I lie in my chair ..."
Love and Doubt
by Natasha Cox    
Love and Doubt

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