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The Way I Feel!   
by Ashley Irvin    
"The things I see in you are real,
but I just don't know the deal. ..."
Love and Doubt
by jessica marie crease    
"Walking through this maze of terror
Not knowing which way to turn ..."
Love and Doubt
True Love   
by Lil D    
"The things you do to me got me feeling all crazy
You got me doing things, even calling you 'my little lady' ..."
Love and Doubt
What do I do about me and you?   
by Caralee A. Deherrera    
"What do I do?
I am so confused. ..."
Love and Doubt
Your love isn't real   
by Shannan    
"I wish I could tell you how I feel.
But when I look at you I can see your love is not real. ..."
Love and Doubt
Will You Always Be Mine?   
by Erika Alicia Rodriguez    
"You are the one
I think about ..."
Love and Doubt
Love is a Garden   
by lost hope    
"our love was like a garden
well taken care of ..."
Love and Doubt
Do you really love me?   
by Natalie marie piscopo    
"i don't know if you remember how we used to be,
i don't know if you remember the way you used to sneak ..."
Love and Doubt
Am I Stupid   
by Teri Renee Sheppard    
"Am I stupid for loving you?
I don't think that I am 'cause ..."
Love and Doubt
Bad Boys   
by Lysha Lavergne    
"i don't want to cry
but sorry if i do ..."
Love and Doubt
by Stephanie Therese Wilson    
"If you only knew
My real feelings for you ..."
Love and Doubt
by Geraldine Tan Quesada    
"You are so sweet and kind
You make me happy, and are always on my mind ..."
Love and Doubt
Do You Know?   
by Tiffany Lee Pfeiffer    
" Do you know how hard it is for me not to love you?
Did you even know I loved you? ..."
Love and Doubt
by FiFi K.    
"When he told me he loved me
I almost died. ..."
Love and Doubt
I'm Gonna Love You   
by Shana B.    
"I'm letting go,
giving my all. ..."
Love and Doubt
Peach Tree   
by Betsy R. Tummons    
"The boy,
Sweet, but unsure ..."
Love and Doubt
The False Pursuit of Love   
by Dan Auerbach    
"If when I am alone
all I want is to talk to her, ..."
Love and Doubt
Do You Know Me   
by Rachel Summer    
"Do you know my faults
Do you know my fears ..."
Love and Doubt
by Lisa Hoffman    
"Wanting to start over I read every letter you ever gave me
Now I'm sorry I ever had those doubts about you and me ..."
Love and Doubt
Were Never Said   
by Melissa T. Welch    
"I know that you're upset.
I know that you are hurt ..."
Love and Doubt
I Often Wonder Why   
by Brittany Knerr    
"I often wonder why,
When I am with you I start to cry. ..."
Love and Doubt
The Time   
by Chris Lee    
"The time has come
For me to move on ..."
Love and Doubt
The word Yes   
by Danielle suzanne Rector    
"I said yes without thinking
Then I thought no ..."
Love and Doubt
Dumb Tear   
by Samantha Mangerson    
"There's so much stuff
Running through my mind. ..."
Love and Doubt

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