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Sweet Sarah Paige   
by William Arthur Sams, Jr.    
" My heart was slowly dying,
You lifted up my soul. ..."
The Power of Love
I'll Meet You There   
by Tamara Beryl Latham    
"On the other side of midnight,
There I'll wait, ..."
The Power of Love
Shadow of Love   
by Kevin L Chiem    
"Slowly... drifting away from my shadow,
The vision of my image fades away. ..."
The Power of Love
Pieces of You   
by Marc Anthony    
"Pieces of you make me whole
And give me daily strength. ..."
The Power of Love
Sonnet on a Star   
by Tamara Beryl Latham    
"If I could write a sonnet on a star
Then bottle it and toss it to the sea ..."
The Power of Love
by gman    
stars throb ..."
The Power of Love
"Hush, Don't say a word
The Power of Love
by Lauren Berry Cowan    
"It feels like i'm a prisoner
And only you hold the key ..."
The Power of Love
You Will Always Be Divine   
by Sandra Jean Turner    
"Timidly standing in front of the antique mirror,
Pondering her reflection in the early dawn, ..."
The Power of Love
by cody eugene klein    
"As our two hands touch
and our hearts meet. ..."
The Power of Love
by Kenneth Ray Carmichael    
"The leaves on those sweet autumn trees change color with ease.
Yet, my love for thee is unlike those leaves on those autumn trees. ..."
The Power of Love
by Christine Marie Tate    
"The world is one big jigsaw puzzle.
How many pieces? I can't see. ..."
The Power of Love
Take a chance   
by Noe Gonzales    
" Take that chance, don't be afraid
Remember, God made you and one day ..."
The Power of Love
by Avery Robertson    
"Pushing away manic urges
I cannot afford, clinging to ..."
The Power of Love
Untitled #2   
by C. L. Moylan    
"A bass drum in constant thrum
Mimics the beat of my racing heart ..."
The Power of Love
by M.R.S.    
" The heart pours with blood
and is our very being ..."
The Power of Love
Poverty And Paradise   
by Bridget Carmitchel    
"I would rather have
One moment ..."
The Power of Love
Your Eyes   
by Valerie Winkle    
"The visitation of eyes,
so cordial and sincere... ..."
The Power of Love
I hope that love keeps you...   
by Nicole Sylvia Stigh    
"I hope love keeps you wrapped in her bud,
woven into her intricate quilt, ..."
The Power of Love
by Regent Silver    
"If I kept the seas,
I would pour them out ..."
The Power of Love

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