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What happened?   
by Jennacca Lynn Turpin    
" What did I do to make you so upset?
What did I do to make you not love me any more? ..."
Love and Forgiveness
by Jessica Lee Grossman    
"I tossed and turned all night
I barely slept a wink ..."
Love and Forgiveness
one mistake   
by Laura elizabeth smith    
"Trying to find the words,
while I look into your eyes, ..."
Love and Forgiveness
by Jessica Leigh Parson    
"I look into your eyes
I see anger that you hold inside ..."
Love and Forgiveness
More Than Three Chances   
by vanessa marie canales    
"I gave you my heart and more.
I gave you more than three chances to stop acting like a fool. ..."
Love and Forgiveness
A Mistake, Indeed   
by Heather Ann McCalman    
"Oh, this life of mine,
this life I can't even begin to define... ..."
Love and Forgiveness
When And Where?   
by Joey Shenouda    
"A long time past, since I saw you last..
We entered rough times, and decided to slow down.. ..."
Love and Forgiveness
by Brandon James Howard    
"To see your face in front of me,
to cheat, to hate, to steal, ..."
Love and Forgiveness
You're Gone   
by Lisa Hoffman    
"I always wanted you.
You're the only one. ..."
Love and Forgiveness
The Worst Day   
by Erika K    
"Today had to have been,
The worst day of my life. ..."
Love and Forgiveness
Please Forgive Me   
by christian stephen parker    
"With every minute of every hour,
I think of the times when things turned sour, ..."
Love and Forgiveness
Forgive me   
by Krayzie Playa    
"Iím sorry, but that's the way I feel
But know that my love was always real ..."
Love and Forgiveness
by Yin    
"just yesterday you broke my heart
after that i fell apart ..."
Love and Forgiveness
Please, take me back...   
by Jodie Maree Milton    
"I sit here and look at you.
Your beautiful eyes sparkle, ..."
Love and Forgiveness
Forgive And Forget   
by Sunday B. Fakus    
"You must have been hurt
I didn't seem to understand ..."
Love and Forgiveness
Right Here Waiting   
by Courtney Michele May    
"Where do I start? I don't even know what to say.
I want to let you know that you broke my heart yesterday. ..."
Love and Forgiveness
Thank you!   
by Nikie Macey Smith    
"You've been there all of this time
standing there waiting for me ..."
Love and Forgiveness
by Nancy Viviana    
"Sometimes I ask myself if it's true,
that I one had your love, that I had you? ..."
Love and Forgiveness
I'm sorry   
by Serena Serenity Moon    
"Oh, my dear friend,
from the bottom of my heart ..."
Love and Forgiveness
My Dream   
by Jennacca Lynn Turpin    
"I sit and think of you.
I remember how much I cared ..."
Love and Forgiveness
Feel This   
by Holleman    
"You touch fire and burn your hand
All that is left is a pile of sand ..."
Love and Forgiveness
My Love, My Life   
by Emps    
"The sweetly caressing touch
that i could feel within, ..."
Love and Forgiveness
A place in my heart to forgive and forget   
by Rose Bloom    
"Blissful momentos kept in this heart of mine,
Of that which is all the best we had ..."
Love and Forgiveness
by Ciara Dominguez    
"The sky is dark indigo as the pen I write with
The moon peeks weakly through massive grey clouds ..."
Love and Forgiveness

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