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by Allison Schankowitz    
"The feeling of doubt,
something that tears you apart... ..."
Love and Doubt
by Tamara Y. Sutton    
"Love was always supposed to be
something wonderful to me, ..."
Love and Doubt
by Lynn Kersey    
"My emotions are spinning
I'm losing control ..."
Love and Doubt
The Impossible Dream   
by Selena Rae    
"One minute you love me
and the next you're not sure. ..."
Love and Doubt
by Kara L Tezak    
"Theres no way out
she has so much doubt ..."
Love and Doubt
I love you   
by Ash J C    
"What if I was to ever say “I love you”
Not saying that I do ..."
Love and Doubt
by Isabelle Caissie    
"Your feelings for me
are not what I'm doubting ..."
Love and Doubt
Your Eyes   
by Sabrina Laurise Wright    
"You said you loved me
but what does that mean? ..."
Love and Doubt
I love you, too   
by Tony Opart    
"I say it just to say it
I say it so you know nothing is wrong ..."
Love and Doubt
All Alone   
by Steven Mather    
"If one more day should pass me by
without a glimpse of you. ..."
Love and Doubt
This is My Heart   
by Brooke Allison Jones    
"You say you still love me
You say you still care ..."
Love and Doubt
by Stephanie J Groven    
Love and Doubt
i'm falling for you   
by latavia williams    
"i'm falling for someone,
but i don't know if he's falling for me. ..."
Love and Doubt
by Susan Beth Helms    
"The girl stands on the oceans foot
As the waves crash over her feet ..."
Love and Doubt
Make up your mind   
by Crystal michelle Wallace    
" I have been here waiting too long
I need to know right now ..."
Love and Doubt
True Love in Doubts   
by John Dickerson    
"I settle down alone and ask myself
Are you the right one for me? ..."
Love and Doubt
To the One Who Never Knew I Loved You...   
by R. C. Farrell    
"I tried so hard,
but never hard enough. ..."
Love and Doubt
Questioned Love   
by Ryan Matzek    
"Do you love me or no?
You say you would never leave me and that i should know, ..."
Love and Doubt
by Sasha Jazmin Curtis    
"Why can't love be easy, why can't love be free?
Why can't love be simple enough for everyone to see? ..."
Love and Doubt
How Do You Feel?   
by SunnyBunny    
"You know what
I think of you. ..."
Love and Doubt
by sunny smiles    
why you? ..."
Love and Doubt
It's Your Design   
by Sunday B. Fakus    
"It’s your frivolous design
What I found myself to be today ..."
Love and Doubt
For the one I love   
by Kirsty A Hughes    
"I have a love that’s one of a kind,
But love or friendship? ..."
Love and Doubt
by A R F    
"Where our life may lead us
Nobody knows ..."
Love and Doubt

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