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by Herbie William Carlisle.......Ressurected    
"My feelings have re-shaped my fears
on being left alone to weep for another world, ..."
The Power of Love
by Erica Lorraine Bowman    
"The tranquility of his soul soothes me.
Undeniable sensations of passion flowing through his veins, ..."
The Power of Love
How Great This Thing Called Love Must Be   
by Michael Douglas Hoss    
"How great this thing called "hope" must be
Which to our hearts envisions ..."
The Power of Love
amber skies   
by SML    
"amber skies and darkest dreams
may bring the haunted to their knees, ..."
The Power of Love
shadow quiet   
by Ingrid Showalter Swift    
"You slip in around the edges of my 'here' and 'now'
wrap your strong hand as firmly around my intestines ..."
The Power of Love
The pieces of you   
by Jade Salvatore    
" Your kisses are like candy,
I always need to taste. ..."
The Power of Love
by Xalthia Orion Star    
"When I see your smiling face,
When I gaze into your eyes, ..."
The Power of Love
Another Day   
by Stacey M. Campen    
"If I could hold the night away
and draw the day to stay forever, ..."
The Power of Love
My love   
by Sandra Gaither    
"The eyes hold the deepest of seas.
The lips... ..."
The Power of Love
Gazing Into Your Eyes   
by Philip Anthony Tucker    
"When I look inside of you,
our two souls seem to touch. ..."
The Power of Love
From The Ruins We Fly   
by Avery Robertson    
"It's not enough that you could call me
and sit silent in spaces built like walls ..."
The Power of Love
by STEVE lem kol    
"I close my eyes-
(inside, my heartbeat bawls,) ..."
The Power of Love
What Poor Wings   
by Dr.Who3    
"What poor wings,
these words of mine, ..."
The Power of Love
Three Perfect Roses   
by Michael David Coffey    
"Three roses for you, my love, today
Pink perfection in a long stemmed creation ..."
The Power of Love
by Jill Renee' Lamonte    
"His breathing shallows
A smile spreads across his face ..."
The Power of Love
Cherished Love   
by Lady Boyd    
"Just as the sun rises in the morning
Your love has shown in my heart. ..."
The Power of Love
the gift   
by David Fronius    
"Every day is a gift
when it involves you. ..."
The Power of Love
The Seasons of You ( revised )   
by william lee sherwood    
"When the wind comes swirling a fall palette of oak and paper birch,
And the breath of morning is a soft fog upon your lips, ..."
The Power of Love
Dear Sweet Love   
by Grant Douglas Aldrich    
"Loneliness drifts as sand
over an endless forsaken horizon ..."
The Power of Love
Love Hurts   
by Sofana H. HURT    
"I care about a guy...
He doesn't care about me. ..."
The Power of Love
Stones in the hand   
by Roland John Olson    
"I am not in this place
My heart skipping over the flat lake ..."
The Power of Love
Help Me   
by Raveon    
"Fragrance of a long lost evening,
Tender moves that keep me leading... ..."
The Power of Love
Different Worlds   
by Tamara Beryl Latham    
"They share no thread of commonality
Except their sparkling eyes ..."
The Power of Love
Still Life   
by Son¥a    
"I painted a picture today
in soft watercolor ..."
The Power of Love

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