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The Sweet Hush Of Hesitation   
by J. Gaither    
"for my wife
The Power of Love
A love to hold   
by VioNz    
"Once I knew you would come
To give and share with me a true Love... ..."
The Power of Love
Thoughts from the Heart   
by Saint    
"I've seen love lift people up
and carry them through pain. ..."
The Power of Love
by Dr.Who3    
"To Dream,
to ride ..."
The Power of Love
Play Me Beautiful   
by Debbie J Dixon    
"Play me beautiful
Run your fingers ..."
The Power of Love
by Joseph Erwin Hunt    
"Look at the green
On the hills ..."
The Power of Love
for Juan   
by Stormdancer :)    
"You kiss me as if I were a delicious secret
and you tremble like your heat could burn ..."
The Power of Love
Fall Deep Within   
by Dee-Dee Tonja Mcgill    
"Your Love fell upon me
As the ocean salt falls upon the bay ..."
The Power of Love
by Joy Oswald    
"A flittering soul
free of the timeless perplexities of existence ..."
The Power of Love
Just You   
by Tricky Vincent Perez    
"There you stood
On a boardwalk ..."
The Power of Love
Letters To Amanda   
by L. Gail Goins    
"Posthumously you gave to me the gift of passion and love.
Feelings, pouring from the very marrow of my soul - ..."
The Power of Love
goddess & tiger   
by Jeffrey Alan Tate    
"Deborah you're my angel
my goddess borne on wheels ..."
The Power of Love
Making Love with You   
by Essie (Dee) Hawkins    
"When we are making love:
it is like sand through an hour glass, ..."
The Power of Love
Tread There Once More   
by Norman Dean VanPelt    
"She dances with words,
so not to break the underpane of glass ..."
The Power of Love
What you've done for me   
by Timothy D Gibson    
"I really canít explain
What youíve done for me ..."
The Power of Love
by Jennifer Marie Carson    
"When the sky turns shades of gray,
Through all kinds of weather, ..."
The Power of Love
A Prince is Forever   
by Christopher Edward White    
"In a place only you and I know
At a time only you and I shared ..."
The Power of Love
by Alice W. Mitchell    
"Stay with me forever...
The Power of Love
To Dream A Whisper...   
by Gina Louise Demars    
"As I lay my peaceful head, on satin lined with lace,
My dreams of you come to me now, I soon shall see your face. ..."
The Power of Love
Forever Kind of Love   
by Elizabeth Jean Duden    
"We met so very long ago, held hands and kissed... and we knew.
This thing we had was meant to be, it bloomed and then it grew. ..."
The Power of Love
"An ocean of blue looking over me
A hand guiding me along the way ..."
The Power of Love
Your Love   
by Kristin Green    
"I put all my strength into building walls and creating barriers-
My own little sanctuary just out of the public eye. ..."
The Power of Love
Only You   
by Victor S Cordero    
"Only you,
with your words, ..."
The Power of Love
by Ashley J. Muldoon    
"After a long, hard day
I fall in your arms ..."
The Power of Love

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