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I Love You   
by Poet 621    
"I love You,
no matter your face seamed with wrinkles, ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Love Never End   
by Pztricia Lescana    
"I first loved a boy that didn't like me.
I wanted to go out with him but I couldn't ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
What Is A Boyfriend?   
by Crystal Vanessa Kennedy    
"A boyfriend is one of the nicest things I can have,
and one of the best things you can be. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Still, On Valentine's Day   
by Jim Reich    
"The moon is just past full
The stars are out tonight ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
by Lizzy    
"Love is sweet,
Love is good, ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Being in Love   
by Julie L. Davis    
" You'll know when you're there for it is a feeling
captured deep within your heart. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
VaLenTiNe ApaRt   
by KiMo&LeiMoMi    
"To My VaLenTiNe…
A week ago I thought about Valentine's Day ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Be My Valentine   
by Dreamaster    
"Please, My Love, always be my Valentine
Valentine's Day Poems
Hearts Combining On Valentine's Day   
by Nacki K Fearon    
"Today is Valentine’s Day. The day in
which I shall express my emotions to ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
My Valentine   
by Michael James    
"Will you be my Valentine
And share with me a glass of wine? ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
That Undescribed Beauty   
by Joshua Chad Cain    
"Your eyes glow like the brightest stars
with an infinite love that may never burn out. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Thirteen Moments   
by Epic    
"I want to be with you,
But I don't love you. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Valentine's Day Poems
A Single Red Rose   
by Vincent E Seals    
"A single red rose
It means I love you ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Be My Valentine   
by Bridget Ellis    
"I went to the store to find
the perfect gift for you, ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
My Life With You   
by Joey Alan Slaughter    
"My life with you is so sweet and true,
I thank the lord I found you, ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
What is the day?   
by Trevor Mitchell McCurry    
"What is the day
They say Cupid flies? ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Love at First Sight   
by Sweet Face    
"The first time I saw you I knew it would be love at first sight for
all eternity. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Unloved on Feb 14   
by Meghna Vijay Parikh    
"On Valentine`s Day I thought,
I`d get for you a rose, ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
My Love Towards You   
by Liam Hodgkins Kohler    
"My love towards you is strong and true,
Because all I want is to be with you. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
If I Could Send a Valentine...   
by Ros E.S. Rred    
"If I could send a Valentine to someone that I know,
I'd send my love to you, praying that planting it ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
A Part Of Me   
by Trinity Angel    
"What I'm feeling scares me
Yet somehow it sets me free ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
by Avery Robertson    
"From the moment you were mine
my heart never wanted to be free; ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Will you be my Valentine   
by Nikhil Anand Parekh    
"Will you be my valentine?
Will you be the luckiest charm of my existence; ..."
Valentine's Day Poems

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