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Lover’s Light   
by Thomas Lee Rhymes    
"Your light from within- blinding
The Power of Love
The Portrait   
by M. Douglas Hoss    
"A thousand years from now,
Just as it was a thousand years ago, ..."
The Power of Love
For Granted   
by Robin L Ratajczyk    
"The way you make me feel when we're alone
The countless hours we spend on the phone ..."
The Power of Love
I'm Already There   
by Pamela Lee Leath    
"When you awake this morning, my love,
Feel my presence ever moving closer to you. ..."
The Power of Love
The Lightning in your eyes   
by Ingrid Showalter Swift    
"The lightning in your eyes flashing fire power-
halts the tracks of my time, our time. ..."
The Power of Love
For J.M.   
by Marilyn A. Hunte    
"With practiced hands
He molds my spine ..."
The Power of Love
Come to Me   
by john C. Turner    
The Power of Love
October Mornings   
by James Walters    
"I have heard the autumn's burnished mountainside
Bristle in the crisp breeze, ..."
The Power of Love
Potions and Poems   
by James Walters    
"No magic could entice me
To shores where sirens sing; ..."
The Power of Love
Filling Me   
by Joseph kennedy    
"You awaken in me
long lost passions ..."
The Power of Love
For Robert   
by Scarlet    
"Could my eyes ever see
Behind the cold green of yours ..."
The Power of Love
by sherwin sandy    
"I have never been touched in this
way before. ..."
The Power of Love
This love   
by Ingrid Showalter Swift    
"This love,
light igniting, ..."
The Power of Love
by Juzz do it    
"Pushing through the suffocating calamity of the crowd
Quick, stifling, turbulent, emotionless, aggrivating, hollow and loud ..."
The Power of Love
Field of Love   
by Brian Earl Cox    
"Holding you so close, in a field of magic love
your eyes are shining brighter than the starlit sky above ..."
The Power of Love
Today Is The Best   
by Ralph Lamarr Clark    
"Asking for your heart,
handing mine to you, ..."
The Power of Love
I love him   
by Hannah    
"When my love is far away,
He tells me we’re together ..."
The Power of Love
The Flame   
by Merlin Dale Calhoun    
"Deep inside my heart,
There burns a tiny light. ..."
The Power of Love
My Love   
by Amy Lynn Kimball    
"You have this power over me,
This undescribable, undeniable, unmistakable power. ..."
The Power of Love
Do You Love Me?   
by Kirsten Shawn Parker    
"Quit asking if I love you
Doubting, when I try ..."
The Power of Love
Good Morning, Beautiful   
by Elissa    
"Waking up, looking at you
and knowing the sun is high in the blue- ..."
The Power of Love
One Star   
by Stacy E. Langley    
"If you counted all the stars in heaven,
You would see how many wishes were spent.. in vain. ..."
The Power of Love
Lover's Song   
by Bill    
"I'll never know her warmth or touch,
Or her lips that gently speak, ..."
The Power of Love
Eyes on me   
by Sparky    
"When I look into your eyes
I see something I've never seen before ..."
The Power of Love

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