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by Kevin Strong    
"I'd wake up and go to work,
Same thing, day after day ..."
Love Described
The Meaning   
by Melissa Marie Breedlove    
"To love is to share life together,
to build special plans just for two, ..."
Love Described
As He Sleeps   
by Nicole Arias    
"I watch him
as he sleeps, ..."
Love Described
My One and Only True Love   
by P Hildebrand    
"My one and only love
Was once my friend. ..."
Love Described
Inaugurating Hearts   
by Wrigley    
"Soft whispers heard in the distance
are the murmur of angels ..."
Love Described
by Arielle T.    
"You came into my life
When I was not looking ..."
Love Described
by John Abbie Mitchell III    
"If hearts were water
Yours would be the sea ..."
Love Described
Loving You   
by Michael David Coffey    
"Loving you, as you are
In so many ways ..."
Love Described
The Beauty of Mornings   
by Paddington Muskwe    
"Mornings are bright and fair, full of hope
Indeed my favourite in all the day ..."
Love Described
by Patty Messineo    
"In everything I do, every place I go,
you are the shadow that eclipses my soul. ..."
Love Described
Do You Dream Of Me At Night?   
by Rikki Amanda deVos    
"When I dream,
When I walk. ..."
Love Described
by Dave Gale Haines, Jr.    
"If I were a turkey, you'd be the stuffing,
on a glorious Thanksgiving day. ..."
Love Described
Like a waterfall   
by gracetm    
"Like a waterfall...
Powerful and strong! ..."
Love Described
the day that envy woke   
by Doug Roberson    
"I still recall the words you spoke
on the day that envy woke. ..."
Love Described
What is Love?   
by Dr.Who3    
"A slice of poetry,
a fillet of soul, ..."
Love Described
A Fragile Rose   
by Michael David Coffey    
"In delicate creation
A fragile fragrance ..."
Love Described
by Timothy M Mathis    
"Beauty is the morning sun
That breaks the dark of night, ..."
Love Described
Kiss Me   
by Brian Patrick Falk    
The love whispered through my breath ..."
Love Described
You Are So Beautiful   
by Ryley Micheal Bryson    
"Your lips made a sound,
My Ears have never heard, ..."
Love Described

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