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Valentine's Love   
by Jaz Unknown    
"I just wanted to let you know, I think you're hot.
I heard you think you're ugly, but your really not. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Valentine's Day   
by J T    
"Am I over you?
I thought I was, ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Every Day   
by Norbert Bluscod Schfnidskin    
"Every day i see you there sitting across from me
Doing your schoolwork just as happy as can be. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Heavenly Father   
by Angel Krystal Mathers    
"Heavenly father full of grace,
Bless my boyfreind's spunky face, ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
I'm Thinking Of You   
by Dreamaster    
"It's hard to believe how often I think of you
When you are not here with me ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
A Beautiful Rose   
by Terje Roe    
"She was born on the earth.
You can't count what she's worth. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
by nathan john gardner    
"A blue that puts the sky to shame
A beauty of which there is no same ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
My Boo   
by Mark f    
"Roses are red
violets are blue ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Perfect Valentine   
by Liz A Wilson    
"To the perfect valentine, whereever he may be
please come soon to rescue me ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
i love you   
by sadye elizabeth bentley    
""I love you", he said to me,
I said, "how do you know you love me?" ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Rose Petals   
by Manoucheca Beubrun    
"It was yesterday.
You are like a flower. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
by Barnaby Mark Collis    
"When I try, I can still see your face.
You are usually smiling. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
A day like any other   
by Kevin David Bye    
"Valentine's Day is a day,
For reasons I just can't agree, ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
My Love   
by Damon Joshua Kuzma    
"The Love I Have for You Is Immense
Which is nothing short of Intense ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
love junky   
by Lori K. Hoover    
"If I could, I would always reach for those dark comforting curls
tucked against your sweet smelling nape... ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
A February Notion   
by Kathy Figueroa    
"February is a month that, unlike May
Can be dull, dark and dreary ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Found Love   
by Madline Demelien    
"Before you came into my life
my heart was in so much pain ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
valentines day   
by joshua micah anderson    
Valentine's Day Poems
For every...   
by Alex Quiroga    
"For every fish in the blue waters... there's an "I"
For every star in the blue sky... there's a "love" ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Boy..rich in one's   
by Angel Kath girL    
"Your Love is rich in my heart...
it touches me inside ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Lover's Poem, Poet's Love   
by Gerlie M. Uy    
Words ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
A Special Valentine   
by Big Nasty    
"Make clearer my feelings, this poem will do
I would give up anything just to be with you. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Valentines Day   
by Nessie Light    
"Valentines Blues
All the chocolate candies ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
I turn to thee   
by Rachel Molnar    
" When my days are long and full of frustration,
and my nights filled with tears, ..."
Valentine's Day Poems

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