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the 1 that will 4ever last   
by Tatum Durante    
" Every time you fall in love
it seems to never last, ..."
Love and Doubt
The Two of Us   
by helen lynne cruz    
"Have I found you now?
If not, then when? ..."
Love and Doubt
The rules apply to all   
by Alyssa Anne Vitry    
"Excuses, excuses, excuses
Is that all you have for me? ..."
Love and Doubt
Does He Still Care?   
by Lisa Ann Houle    
"It's hard to tell
Whether he still cares ..."
Love and Doubt
Soul Mates   
by Jen LeBlanc    
" Sometimes I sit and think of life
what it is, why we are, how it all should be. ..."
Love and Doubt
Cupid's Arrow   
by baby love me forever    
"I love it when you look at me
In that weird, dreamy way ..."
Love and Doubt
by Stephanie Rosario    
"I woke up today with a smile on my face.
I slept since sundown, till the light hit my face. ..."
Love and Doubt
Angel of Love   
by Rage Gallegos    
"We sit in the park, down by the bay,
watching the sun slowly slipping away. ..."
Love and Doubt
You Came Back   
by Jennifer M. Thomas    
"You gave me up
So you could play the field. ..."
Love and Doubt
finding love   
by carla kay dowdy    
"i came walking down a lonely street
in search of someone there to meet ..."
Love and Doubt
by TDO    
"I feel her in my dreams
Slipping from within my reach ..."
Love and Doubt
Why me   
by Tamara Shanae Stoutgirl    
"I went through sadness thinking what did you mean by "why Me".
Love and Doubt
I want you...   
by Lakia Danae' Davis    
"Are you near my heart
I have the key and I want you to come in ..."
Love and Doubt
to R.M.   
by illi r.    
"When I look at you, I just lose my ground,
When I look in your eyes, I forget the time. ..."
Love and Doubt
Promise me   
by M A. M.    
"I don't know why you love
me like you do ..."
Love and Doubt
Love or Lust??   
by Jamie Lee Zillmer    
"How do I know what I am feeling?
I feel so much emotion toward two people. ..."
Love and Doubt
Is it love or a game?   
by ms aphrodisiac    
"You call me on the weekends,
We go out at night, ..."
Love and Doubt
Walk Away   
by Brittany Lanzieri    
"I'm glad you are happy,
but I'm miserable. ..."
Love and Doubt
Please hold on   
by Jennifer Amy Sealey    
"I am not
the girl you thought ..."
Love and Doubt
by Tara Jaci Sue Cook    
"I'm looking out my window,
With my lights turned way down low, ..."
Love and Doubt
by MACU    
"Why is love so painful
So hard to understand ..."
Love and Doubt
Messages of Emotion   
"I've seen the look in your eyes,
that you want to love me; ..."
Love and Doubt
Oh, I sigh...   
by Jorge Campos    
"Oh, I sigh many times over throughout each day and night,
Wondering, wondering when you just might ..."
Love and Doubt
For your love   
by Jessica Kobasic    
"For you to love me, I'm gonna have to let go,
let all these feelings pass, and rest deep in my soul. ..."
Love and Doubt

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