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True Dreams   
by David Reinhold    
"I've pried my way through broken hearts,
and fields of shattered dreams. ..."
The Power of Love
The Sand At our Feet, The Wind In Our Hair   
by Eric A. Martin    
""You look more beautiful than we last met."
"When did we last meet?" ..."
The Power of Love
Meant To Be...   
by Gina Deanne Drake    
"I have been in love before
But nothing compares to this ..."
The Power of Love
A Love Through The Ages   
by Gordon Savio Pereira    
"I have held you before,
Another time, another place. ..."
The Power of Love
He is   
by Randi Spackman    
"He loves me for who i am, and not what
i do ..."
The Power of Love
Harmony Played In My Hands Today   
by Wrigley    
"Harmony played in my hands today;
in the wake of a shimmer ..."
The Power of Love
As Brilliantly As We Breathe   
by Howard Charles RU K1ND    
"As brilliantly as we breathe
she seeps her caramel stream ..."
The Power of Love
Little Angel   
by David Alan Clark    
"You've traveled far my little angel
Is it true you've lost your way ..."
The Power of Love
Today I Love   
by M. J. Steele    
"You think the world is mostly ill,
That trouble is to be our fill. ..."
The Power of Love
by James L. McHenry    
"It's through the way You have come here,
to be with only Me ..."
The Power of Love
A Thankful Thought   
by natalie roach rhodes    
"So long since I have tasted the nectar of love
That I am intoxicated with one small sip ..."
The Power of Love
Dancing In The Snow   
by Mel Ann G.    
"the circle of light on the snow,
in the darkness ..."
The Power of Love
by C. Roberts    
" Before you, there was just one heart,
Ever searching, always reaching, never finding. ..."
The Power of Love
Carrying Oceans   
by Sharon Washburn Flynn    
"You carry oceans through silence:
blue sky washing sultry Mondays ..."
The Power of Love
Shiver Me Down   
by John Leroy Maxwell    
"I got the Jim-Jams Baby, you got me on the run
I got the Jim-Jams Baby, 'cause we always have such fun ..."
The Power of Love
A Simple Hug   
by Johnny Ray Ryder Jr.    
"There's something in a simple hug
that always warms the heart. ..."
The Power of Love
by Kat Lou Groves    
When you're not around, I'm sad, ..."
The Power of Love
My Vision   
by Marc Anthony    
"I see you when I first arise
You enter my room like the sunlight ..."
The Power of Love
My Love Is Where You Are   
by Paul D Medway    
"If I could catch a million stars,
I know just what I'd do, ..."
The Power of Love
Broken Dreams   
by Dala Joy Sellers    
"Here I am
In the land of broken dreams, ..."
The Power of Love
by Bill    
"Joys untold on a clear spring day,
And a babies gentle tear, ..."
The Power of Love
by Al Ortez    
"What if I never
Told you I loved you? ..."
The Power of Love
Sunset's Whisper   
by Susan Leilani    
"Listen to the Sunset;
Can you hear its quiet sigh? ..."
The Power of Love
The Day After   
by Richard Alan Bunch    
"Sunshafts flicker through a caravan
of cumuli. ..."
The Power of Love

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