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by Bill Charlton    
"He had told her Love would never die
But then his Soul fled to the Sky; ..."
Love and Death
Together Again   
by Paul Fearn    
"A single tear sits on her cheek
Created by her thoughts, so bleak ..."
Love and Death
Sweet Poison   
by mike jay Jay Miles    
"Sweet poison tastes of magic things
and marriage rings ..."
Love and Death
What the Problem?   
by Victor Capellan    
"When I ask you on a Date,
With no problem you said, "Yes." ..."
Love and Death
The People's Princess   
by Mick Goodson    
"A swirling mist now blurs our eyes
pouring weight on heavy hearts, ..."
Love and Death
An old man's dream   
by Patrick Foley    
"Last night I dreamed of you again and heard you call to me,
And I went back in memory to the way things used to be... ..."
Love and Death
The Love of her Life   
by Kimberly Marie    
"She knows she can't get better than him
So she stays ..."
Love and Death
The Necklace   
by ITSme    
"I wear a special necklace, its little links are gold
You gave it for my birthday, when I was feeling old ..."
Love and Death
How could you?   
by Sheena A. McCandless    
"How could you be so perfect?
How could you be so true? ..."
Love and Death
When You Went Away   
by Alison Mondale    
" When you went away,
I searched for life, ..."
Love and Death
On The Day Of Your Dying   
by Susan Patricia Dixon    
"Words of anger I did speak
On the day of your dying ..."
Love and Death
by Brad R Hinson    
" My heart tumbles,
falls deeper and deeper ..."
Love and Death
by Vicky Lambie    
"Memories, that we will share
are now going to be few ..."
Love and Death
Whispers of Love   
by Sherry Lois Fionda    
"The love we have for you cannot be measured
nor can it be weighed ..."
Love and Death
That will never be...   
by Melissa Bingham Baker    
"I sit inside the darkness,
scared of what I'll see. ..."
Love and Death
The Tear That Never Fell   
by Rose. E Love    
"The tear that never fell
is still in my eye today. ..."
Love and Death
by susan-louise hensler    
"You called me names, you made me cry;
But then we changed in the blink of an eye. ..."
Love and Death
Rosepetals On The Ground   
by SweetGirl    
"I got the news-2 days ago-
I can't believe it's true ..."
Love and Death
A Prayer for Amanda   
by Roland John Olson    
"I am your last love
Most pure of center ..."
Love and Death
Early Mourning   
by Rebecca Hazel Clegg    
"The rain pours down and numbs my skin.
The air is cold, I can't feel it anymore. ..."
Love and Death
Leaving You   
by Sarah Strand    
"When I have to leave you, friend,
when I have no tomorrows, ..."
Love and Death
by Joshua Louw    
"In the merciless dark of emotions
I linger ..."
Love and Death
by Cynthia WildRose    
"While the whispering willows silently weep,
I close my eyes awaiting sleep. ..."
Love and Death
" Daddy, if you can hear me
I'm right here by your side ..."
Love and Death

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