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by Britney Brady    
"It's not that I can't live without you.
It's just that I don't even want to try. ..."
Love Apart
I Missed You Today   
by K. Sarai Elizondo    
"I missed you today,
when i awoke to cloudy skies, early in the morning. ..."
Love Apart
Instant Message Lover - Spellbound by the Computer   
by Corwin Corey Amber    
"My friend's on standby, fulfilling my needs,
with bits and bytes and electronic beats ..."
Love Apart
Here I Am   
by gman    
caffeine-rich but sugar-free ..."
Love Apart
There Will Always Be A Candle Burning   
by Jason Emyutizi    
"There will always be a candle burning
By your picture in my mind. ..."
Love Apart
Missing You   
by Destiny Marie Szymczak    
"I call you on the phone
simply to hear your breath. ..."
Love Apart
The Stars   
by Pete Bolte    
"If I am the moon, you are the stars.
Your soft light whispers to me through the ether ..."
Love Apart
by Avery Robertson    
"I feel his voice calling
from across this distance wide. ..."
Love Apart
Those aching miles   
by Jessica Kleppers    
"I watched the sunset through a mist of tears
Love Apart
River Of Love   
by Christina Courtney Policastro    
"As I stare into your eyes
I see you looking back at me ..."
Love Apart
Missing You   
by Laura Lee English    
"I want to hold you - kiss you, and to avoid the "I miss you"
just being without you - the air feels much colder and crueler ..."
Love Apart
When I Can   
by Misharae    
"I think of you
When I can... ..."
Love Apart
by Michael    
"The whisper ripples
of wind on the river ..."
Love Apart
Waiting by Candlelight   
by Sarah M. Finley    
"I wait for thee by candlelight,
Seeking a rescue that seems like it will never come, ..."
Love Apart
Thursday Morning   
by Chelse Elliot    
"Thursday morning
Warm and burrowed ..."
Love Apart
by L M P    
"It's midnight
as I turn out the light. ..."
Love Apart
I'll Remember You!!!!   
by Alison M P    
"I remember our great times at Sunny Hill,
When every little thing, to us, was a thrill. ..."
Love Apart
Mile Markers   
by Misharae    
"One, two, three
I count the center-lines ..."
Love Apart
I Love You   
by Patrick Quijada    
"I love you with my heart and soul
Out of sight, still in my mind ..."
Love Apart
In the evening light   
by Michael David Coffey    
"A time of perfect
calm ..."
Love Apart
pouring rain   
by saz4suds    
"Down comes
the pouring rain, ..."
Love Apart
Without You   
by Ruben Isaac Rodriguez    
"Without you,
it's a day full of sorrows. ..."
Love Apart
It rained today   
by saz4suds    
"The sky is a clear blue color
of the bluest ocean ..."
Love Apart
Thinking of you   
by Kristine Beulke    
" Why is it you're all
I think about. ..."
Love Apart

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