There are over 50,000 poems posted on the LovePoetry web site!


We have constructed the web site so it doesn’t look like there are that many but there are- and you can easily access most of them.  Here are several tips for you:


1.      At the bottom of each listing page (Submitted, Featured and Classic poems as well as MostPopularPoems) there is a row of numbers- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, etc.  Click on any number and you will pull up a new list of 25 poems.


2.      At the top of the Submitted, Featured and Classic poems listing pages is a row of selections- “List Randomly” “List by Theme” “List Newest.”  Each listing method brings up a new list of poems.  “List by Theme” shows you the number of poems in each Theme category.


3.      You can search by poem title- you don’t need the entire title, just the first word or two.  The more words, the smaller the number of titles returned.  Start with the first word in the title and add words to narrow the search.


4.      You can search by authors LAST name.  You should get a list of all poems with that LAST name.  There may be several authors with the same last name.


5.      Put in any number less than about 75,000 and you should bring up a poem.  Some numbers don’t have a poem.


6.      If you are on a poem and want to see other poems by that poem’s author- just click on the icon “List all poems by this author”  You should get a list of all of the poems by that author.


Enjoy reading…