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Where We Once Perched
by KeithOverstreet
The storms came through, the rain, oh so cold.
                    A chill fills my bones.
                     My strength is gone,
                       I can't hold on.

          After you flew away I waited for you- so long.
              The years passed but you never came.
           Without you the sorrow is so hard to bear.
         We were like doves, mates for life- weren't we?

          The ants are coming, I can hear their march.
                   I don't have much time
               I'll be gone with the setting sun
            should you see it set, I'll wave good-bye.

                       The angels are here
     they are more beautiful than ever told or pictures seen.   
             they said they have come to take me home
                          so I must go.

              'for better, for worse...' we once said,
                       forgive me the worse.

                         I loved you so
                            my dove.

Copyright , 3/30/06, KeithRayOverstreet  all rights reserved by the author.
For questions concerning copyright on this poem send e-mail to, legal@lovepoetry.com
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