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I finally found someone
by JesseDeLanceSutton
We go through life looking
for someone to call our own,
someone who will give us
the determination to carry on.

And that someone i have
found in you,
a love this honest and so
totally true.

A love that human beings all
over this world are looking for,
and we sometimes find ourselves
traveling ever so far.

For the love that will bring
laughter, hope, joy and inner
and where all heartaches 
and hurts of past loves
will forever cease.

To finally find someone to love
us, so totally and completely,
is what we all desire in this
day and time,
someone to come along and
love us for whom we are,
and finally give us peace 
of mind.

This is what i have found in you,
so much love radiating from
your heart,
a love that will keep us
together and will never
let us part.

A love that will last until
time is no more,
neither will there be love
left behind at the closing
of the door,

The door that, to so many,
loves goes out of... never
to return,
and brings to the one it leaves
behind only sadness and no more fun
under the sun.

But you, my love, have brought
much love and joy to my soul,
this you have continued to do
as the months unfold.

You are the bright and morning
star that lights my way,
through the darkness of the night
into the sunlight of another day.

You are like the flowers that
bloom in the month of May,
so fresh and beautiful,
I thank God for sending you
my way.

I can't begin to tell you
how much i love you,
for you, my love, are my dream
that has finally come true.

Tonight as i sit here and 
look at the stars in the
night sky;
Thinking of you and your
precious love puts me on
a natural high.

After all those lonely
and so many nights of 
heartache and tears,
you are finally here,
and i will cherish your love
forever my dear.

For finally i have found 
someone who will love me,
ever so tender and patiently,
and whisper sweet words of love
to me, so softly.
when the nights are cold and
lonely, i will have her next
to me,

and we will live our
lives as one, throughout eternity.
and that someone is you,
my dream of love that 
has finally come true.
the lady of my dreams...
is you.

Copyright , 9-10-98,  all rights reserved by the author.
For questions concerning copyright on this poem send e-mail to, legal@lovepoetry.com
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