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All Come Back To Me~
by Mira Adams
Whenever I saw you,
I always tried to be cool
But I guess you should know, 
That it aches when you’re around me.

I wanted to approach you,
But I kept holding back.
Scared of being rejected,
Although I just wanted to say ‘Hi’

Memories will come back,
Both sweet and sour.
But I just can’t handle the thought,
That we are really through.

12 long months had passed,
But it seems like yesterday.
On March 16 last year,
You left me alone with confusion.

I still can’t get over you,
Worse still you have someone new.
I just don’t know what makes you leave,
I had always been there for you.

I tried being with new guys,
But it just lasted a month or two.
They lose out to you,
'Coz they don’t get as much love as you do.

Whenever I heard “This I Promised You”
You came straight to my mind.
Remember the times it used to be “our song”,
And the times you always sung it to me.

I know we will never be together again,
'Coz it seems so impossible to me.
Both of us are living in 2 different worlds,
But you will still be part of my history…

I miss you

Copyright , 2002, Mira Adams  all rights reserved by the author.
For questions concerning copyright on this poem send e-mail to, legal@lovepoetry.com
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