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True Homies
by Rachelyourlover_602
hangin' out, just kickin' back
talkin' about all that had gone on that day
we told each other everything
or so i thought
i always told you the truth
but you felt the need to lie to me
but i forgave as any true homie would
things went back to how they were for awhile
we had each other's back
well at least i had yours
you proved me wrong with one simple move
i guess one day you thought
i wasn't being the best homie to you
so now you have decided to run to the other side
i pray you're alright, i still care
but they don't
i was too stupid to realize what you were doing
i thought we would get over the drama just like before
but you had other thoughts
and now i realize
that me and you
we were never true homies

Copyright , 2000,  all rights reserved by the author.
For questions concerning copyright on this poem send e-mail to, legal@lovepoetry.com
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