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Eros and Psyche
by Julie D. Cole
Eros and Psyche were a destined pair.
Eros was handsome and Psyche was fair.
Eros was the son of the goddess of love.
Psyche, a princess, as gentle as a dove.

Aphrodite thought Psyche was more beautiful than she,
So she sent Eros down so he could go see.
His mother also told him to carry out one simple chore.
He did not argue because he did not want more.

But when Eros saw Psyche he grew madly in love;
For she was more beautiful than the goddess above.
He forgot about his task as he flew away.
His head was filled with images of the girl he saw that day.

When he returned home he said the task had been done.
Aphrodite looked at him strangely and said, "Alright, son."
When Aphrodite found out that her son had lied,
She made thorn bushes stay at Psyche's side.

All Psyche could do was weep in her bed.
Even at times she wished she was dead.
Her sisters got married and then moved away,
But poor Psyche in her bed just had to stay.

Her parents consulted an oracle because they were scared.
They thought that dear Psyche no longer cared.
The oracle told her parents she was not loved by a king;
But by a god, an immortal, what a wonderful thing!

The oracle told them what needed to be done,
Because poor Psyche was not having much fun.
The oracle said Psyche was to be led to a mountain.
From there she'd be taken to a castle with a fountain.

Psyche was led there with tears on her face,
Because she thought she was going to a horrific place.
Then a wind came along and took Psyche away;
"Goodbye, my dear family," she wanted to say.

When Psyche saw her castle she shouted in glee.
For it was the most beautiful thing she ever did see.
She went inside the castle and she bathed and she ate.
She wanted her husband, but she just had to wait.

When she heard a voice of a man she looked up in delight.
But his sweet face was hidden by the darkness of night.
"When," Psyche asked "will I see you my dear?"
"In time, princess," he said "it is drawing near."

So the long days went on just like this;
Psyche never saw her husband - all she got was a kiss.
Then one day Psyche's sisters came to see,
Who Psyche's mysterious husband could be.

Psyche told her sisters the truth as they sat by the pool.
Then they screamed at Psyche, "How could you be such a fool?"
Her sisters got up and said their good-byes,
Then they left Psyche there with tears in her eyes.

After her mean sisters left, Psyche thought some,
And realized too, how could she be so dumb?
She devised a plan that she'd pull off that night;
She was filled with anxiety, anticipation, and fright.

When her husband finally fell asleep, Psyche felt sick.
But she still got her candle and then lit the wick.
Then she tiptoed quietly over to her husband's side;
What she saw was so beautiful, she almost cried.

She tipped her candle as the room got colder,
And a bit of hot wax fell on her love's shoulder.
He awoke from his slumber and looked Psyche in the eye,
Then he quickly flew off without saying good-bye.

"Oh what have I done?" Psyche screamed in fright.
Her love had left her in the middle of the night.
The next day Psyche begged for help from Aphrodite between sobs.
The goddess agreed to help after Psyche completed three jobs.

Psyche completed the first job and the second too,
But the third one was tough, something she could not do.
Aphrodite knew Psyche would fail her test,
So she made Psyche fall into an endless rest.

Eros had saw what his mother had done,
And he decided that she still had not won.
His great love for Psyche still ran deep,
So he made the princess wake up from her sleep.

Then Eros took Psyche to go to see Zeus
So he could make her immortal when she drank of his juice.
Then Zeus told Aphrodite to be happy for the pair.
She should be excited for her son; she should have not a care.

Aphrodite agreed to share in their joy.
The immortals were happy for the young girl and boy.
So Eros and Psyche lived together in bliss.
They finally found out true love feels like this.

Copyright , 8/4/OO, Julie D. Cole  all rights reserved by the author.
For questions concerning copyright on this poem send e-mail to, legal@lovepoetry.com
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