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What is IT?
by FrederickJamesPoole
What is IT?
Who has IT?
Where does IT come from?
When will IT strike? 
Some have IT,
Some are looking for IT,
Some don't want IT, 
Some will never have IT.
Some who think they have IT,
Do not. 
Some who are looking for IT,
Will never find IT.
Some who don't want IT,
Find IT over and over.
Few truly know what IT is. 
IT has existed since The Beginning of Time. 
IT will continue to exist until The End of Time. 
IT strikes without warning,
Always at the worst moment. 
IT does not care
If the victim is rich or poor, 
Male or female,
Young or old.  Death cannot break its grip. 
Once struck, IT stays forever,
Like a scar that won't go away. 
The pain IT causes never heals,
Never is dulled,
Neither by time, Nor by other pain.
IT becomes a part of the victim, Forever. 
IT cannot be removed.
But, if IT could, IT would be missed. 
IT is extremely powerful.
No one can run from IT, 
No one can hide,
No one is immune,
Everyone is susceptible.
What is IT?
Few Truly know.
What is IT called?
Everyone knows.

IT is Love.

Copyright , End of Feb, 2000, FrederickJamesPoole  all rights reserved by the author.
For questions concerning copyright on this poem send e-mail to, legal@lovepoetry.com
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