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When We Became Us
by Sheene'JamilaSims
It happened all so suddenly, when we became Us. 
One day we were just friends, the next we were lovers.

When we became Us, I didn't know what to expect.
Would we last or be a dream of the past?

When we became Us, I realized I had never felt that way before.
My heart had never found something new.

When we became Us, we took a chance, wishing our love would last.  
Knowing that we had been hurt in the past.

Now that we have become Us, there is nothing I wouldn't do for you.  
You are my heart, you are my soul, you are my all and all.  

You are me and I am you.  Loving you forever, leaving you never.
A toast to love and laughter and, 'happily ever after.'


Copyright , 1999,  all rights reserved by the author.
For questions concerning copyright on this poem send e-mail to, legal@lovepoetry.com
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