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by kat
This diamond is all I have left
I have no money, no home.
You told me, someday it will have meaning to me,
and I see what you mean now.
It gave me a love, a true love, You.

Give me one good reason to sell it!
All it has given to me...
A life, a love, and something to look forward to each day.
But now, while I'm in the middle of nowhere, 
It has no shine, no love, no life.

Now I know what it really means to me
while I keep it every day and every night.
And while I keep it every day and every night I still think of you...
even what you put me through!
But I still have the diamond
because I know that it was given to me by true love.
And now, even though you don't love me,
I still have the love of the diamond.

Copyright , 99,  all rights reserved by the author.
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