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All the Days of My Life
by ChelseElliot
Are a man of bone 
and mortal skin 

I am a woman...
A falling star 
sparkling in the grace of your hands 
I trust in your ravishing strength 
and your symmetrical goodness 

Are the miracle of my life 
like a baby in my arms 
the felicity of springtime 
gazing at your face 
blossoming into a lusty smile 
Adoration in eyes 
speaking words yet unspoken 

Are like a freckled, one-toothed boy 
drawing fireworks with all 62 crayons 
on the walls of my heart 
In daydreams we soar 
in your rickety bi-plane 
Throwing baskets 
of red water balloons 
Stampeding zebras 
across the Sarangetti 
Delirious children delighted 
in our savage flight 

Are my poetic song 
and I sing you pearls 
My golden treasure 
you are my sun 
You are a universe 
beyond my most 
solemn imaginings 
My heart thrills 
my soul calls your name 

Are like the shy faced 
boy of my youth 
The blushing first date 
clutching all your courage 
in a fist of flowers 
I tremble like a sparrow 
in your hungry gaze 
As your dry lips 
brush my mouth 
in the first taste of passion 

Enchant me 
with silver-toned bubbles 
of delicate dreams 
and in the noontide 
I dance with the 
cymbal and the seraphina 
And in the night 
in wonder 
I shimmer in the moonglow 
of your spectral gaze 

Are the sea 
encompassing my earth 
with intricate tides 
Bathed in the soul of 
your love for me 
my love for you 
swirling in the strumming waves 
and the swelling green yearning 
of our dreams 

Are a mountain 

I am...
The snow folding myself into your arms 
Floating into your in-most heart 

Warm me 
transform me 

I am...
The sapphire lake reflected in your eyes 

Have a heart of iron 
bravely hedonistic 
The windows and walls 
quake at your desire 
The flames of your fire 
draw me into the raging night 
Shivering at the door of your citadel 

Carry me in wooden arms 
feed my ripe cherries 
picked by your hands 
and tend me 
gently in the feathered-bed 
of your soul 

Command the sun to 
smile in slender rays 
of the honeysuckle dawn 
You weave your body into mine 
Your seed 
is a sacred tapestry 
igniting my womb 
Lashed to the pyre 
of your bone and mortal skin 

The hemispheres of my mind align...
Famished with longing 
that I may feel the essence of you 
and the blessed purity of our love 
All the days of my life

Copyright , 1999,  all rights reserved by the author.
For questions concerning copyright on this poem send e-mail to, legal@lovepoetry.com
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