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Poem: The Vessel

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The Vessel
by Ali Stone
A red vessel rolls across the floor.
It’s cracked and flawed but, yet, there’s more.

One peek inside the crack reveals a wonderful sight indeed.
You pull and try to open it because you want it freed.

The vessel's locked so tight, it’s secrets safe inside.
You gently stroke and plead with it, please, let me see what you hide.

You hear a clink and glimpse a key.
You twist the lock and smile to your answered plea.

You hear a creek 
and see a leak. 

A stream of light, so bright,
It blinds your sight.

It drips upon the floor, like honey on a spoon. 
It puddles and pools and grows in size into a giant red lagoon.

You feel compelled and leap inside. 
This mysterious place with no more secrets to hide.

What was unsealed and newly revealed?
A beating heart that has now been healed.

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