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Poem: Jars of Sunshine

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Jars of Sunshine
by Charlotte Mae Fitzgerald
"Let me in", the message read. 
I've kept myself hidden 
Around the tattered remains   
Of a painful past,   
Still visible in the distance. 

Behind a timid face with shut eyes,   
I just lay there,   
Unable to live, unable to die,   
Stuck in a perpetual decline.   
But solace comes from     
A thousand miles away.

The beguiling light that     
Bleeds from your heart   
Guides me in the darkness.   
It shows me the way   
That I could never find.   

Images of jars of sunshine,   
And the words that sparkle,   
Flood my mind   
Taking me to such great heights.   
The windows, once closed,   
Are now open   
As I sit looking out   
While breathing you in.

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