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Poem: Love Is King

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Love Is King
by Mario William Vitale
In the vast expanse between time & space
every so often
we encounter a feeling
coming across two souls reeling
the inner quest to let freedom ring
your love is king
to erect portals filled with lavish vain glory
the truest essence of the story
a cause to reflect upon life & it's meaning

look again, my friend, to a humble abode
vested in pure gold
to fit like a glove in a mold
we have our hearts fixed on seeking 'self' to please
will get knocked down on our knees
start spreading its disease
love is king
the birds do sing
a time  well spent in thought
of a lover's quarrel the changing of the season
have we forgotten others for a reason?

Our love gets blocked- twisted to the side
we all want to run away & hide
a vast expanse of things... choose your friends wisely
burst  out of things that bind you
Sade was right
your love is king

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