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Poem: Bliss In The Distance

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Bliss In The Distance
by Joanna Marie Turpin
Have you ever loved someone so much 
but knew they didn't care?

If they could  hear the cries of my broken down heart, 
would they pretend to be there?

Whispers of my cry, how I yearn to be with you forever... 
do you even notice me?

Have you ever loved someone so much it makes you cry, 
you could almost die?

Have you ever loved someone so much it hurts to breathe 
and brings you to your knees?

This I wish you knew, I close my eyes praying, 
'God let him see...'

Have you ever loved someone so much- never wanting them to leave?
So close to you but you turn and walk away...

I whisper, "Oh how I love you."  
This I say to you is true, My Friend.

So, don't go falling in love,
you'll get hurt before your through...  
This I know because... I fell in love with you.

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