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Poem: The Nightingales Chorus

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The Nightingales Chorus
by Mick Goodson
Why do you tread this weary path?
to bring some comfort 
to a sagging and heaving heart.
Do you not see beyond those eyes?
there shall be no rest this soul may share 
on mans sacred earth.

No my love - shed not your tears 
for such is wasted flesh I am attired in. 
it is a great falsehood you carry 
 - as an uncrowned fool - 
if believing your tears shall end this tale 
with sublime ending.

I shall pay well as my forfeit decrees 
- yes and rightly so - 
my sorrowful love, 
for I would defend your honour 
time upon time, 
and that was my choice to do so. 

For your betrothal I held dearly 
with much more height and depth 
than my own meager existence.
So cry not, my sweet rose, 
for that adds such a weight 
to this burden I bear 
with no regrets this far. 

Yet - when I see your sorrow 
it grieves me more 
than my own trembling frame can suffer.

Please come here, my love, 
let these arms embrace your shoulders, 
let my breath take in your innocence, 
for this will be a fond memory 
to carry in my last hooded 
and breathless act.

Tremble not, sweet love, 
for are you not a shining ray 
set to burst through 
such a weighted darkness, 
to throw your light about me
and gather up my soul. 

To elevate my heart so high 
it flies on a Nightingales chorus.
Listen love - do you not hear them 
awaiting on my company,
then greet the morning Sun
with a smile upon my lips. 

That hangman’s noose is ready 
with but one name on it 
and that is mine. 

So go now, my love, 
take yourself to a place 
far from these miserable confines, 
search out a true man to love you 
and let not splendour 
we almost shared, fade - 
as this last night is fading.

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