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Poem: Love returns

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Love returns
by Robert James Williamson
Love is deep, love is ingrained
Easily bruised but never shamed
Love can rest, love can sleep
Love can hide ever so deep

Love can be reborn, love can return
If you open your heart it's never gone
Anger masks love, anger hides the feeling
Close the doors and love is left reeling

Shut your eyes and feel again
The love, the warmth and not the pain
The beauty, the glow, the cuddles and kisses
These are the things that our soul misses

Recall the good, forgive the wrong
Love will rise up like an angel throng
It will sing, it will dance, it will glow in the dark
It will envelope, it will grow, it will survive like the Ark

Don’t cast it away, don’t deny its existence
Our love is so deep and is very persistent
Take down the walls and open your heart
For this is the truth and we can't be apart

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