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Poem: Question Mark

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Question Mark
by Kellykn
I have been looking for Love in dark places, filled with lies
Yet, I keep repeating the same mistakes
Will my stubborn, broken heart ever learn from these failures?

Another day, reviving our memories, 
Or at least what you tried to sell to me 
And to the other broken-hearted girls

You left me there, breathless, 
At the top of the cliff 
Trying to reach your heart, 
Made it seem easy; 
But I just couldn’t see 
That it was merely a hologram, 
Chasing the impossible, 
I opened some of my scars along the way...

Now I’m left, 
In front a giant question mark, 
Wondering what went through your head

You keep haunting me in my dreams, 
Tell me, you selfish wizard, 
Which spell shall I use to get you out of my system?

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