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Poem: The Wings Of LOVE

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The Wings Of LOVE
by Richard Oti
I wanted much more
Like the sea, I wanted to be free without walls
I wanted to make the skies my home
It was your wings that gave me flight.

My fears were strong
Strong enough to scare the darkness of the night
But you taught me faith and how to embrace the light.

Scathed, broken and ashamed
Beaten up and left for dead,
You picked me up from my own pool of blood.

I despised my own reflection
I wouldn't stare at me in the mirror
But then, you gave me new eyes, now all I see is you

If my imperfection was perfection, I couldn't tell
'Cause all I saw in your beautiful eyes was unconditional love

Falling for you was easy
All it took was your smile 
Staying in love with you was easier
All I had to do was keep looking into your eyes

Save me not
Free me not
I'm forever a slave - a love slave to you.

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