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Poem: A Squirrel's Eyes

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A Squirrel's Eyes
by Salina Vitale
A Squirrel’s Eyes
Following me wherever I go
In piercing eyes of a squirrel.
You stand in the way 
Of every path I take.

When I don’t realize it,
A road sign appears and warns a closed road 
Stopping me from the choices I have made.

Trying to distance myself, 
From the dreadful feelings that you cause,
I choose another path to walk.

A squirrel wanders near
And you appear in my mind
Taking hold of those brown eyes 
Gazing alarmingly back at me.

You told me you would find revenge,
To hurt me because I have hurt you.
But you are in every place I turn,
Even in the body of a small animal.

I’m sorry for the decision I chose,
But I don’t regret it.
You have to let go of me someday,
Even though I know 
I’ll never let go of you.

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