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Poem: Without Him

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Without Him
by Averie Rae Pierson
Holding flowers he never gave me 
I walk through the path of memories we never had
Dancing alone under the trees 
I feel the pain he never feels for me 

Chasing a fairytale ending 
With him by my side 
I hold the cloud of nonexistence
For, from my dreams he hides

Grasping his heart he hasn't given me 
To feel what he can't feel for me 
I'll only travel the road alone 
Though, I imagine I'm never on my own 

Kissing away the years 
Spent with someone else 
In my mind I'm not alone, 
But in reality I'm by myself

I'm in love with him 
But why am I revealing 
This feeling 
While inside 
I only continue to die

A kiss we'll never share 
Will cease to fill the air 
For he will never feel 
What's coursing within me 

Alone I'll spend the rest of my life with him 
On my own - I'll always be in love with him 
He is all I look forward to 
If only he knew...

I'm in love with him 
But loving him is like dying at the same time 
How can we can be happy 
When it's only in my mind 

And I know I can't go on like this 
While there are so many things in life I continue to miss 
But I won't leave his side 
Even if it's only a false reflection of the light 

Without him I'll be swept away with the wind 
Forgotten as the dim memory of a friend's friend

While I will never give up on the chance of holding him close 
If I was gone he'd barely notice 

Forever by myself we'll travel the skies together 
And with him nowhere near, we'll enjoy forever 
The feeling of us he'll never know 
I'm in love with him 
But only on my own...

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