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Poem: Still Searching

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Still Searching
by Kim G Gascon
Searching forever and ever
Never finding that love or feel
Crying every single night
'Cuz nothing ever seems so real

Smiling on the outside
Dying within the soul
Running from her true feelings
With every love there is a toll

Praying to god everynight;
"Please take away this pain"
She knows she's a good person but wonders:
Why is it love she cannot gain?

She's frustrated with her life
Her daughter holds her up
With every broken tear she's had
She keeps her heart caged shut

Without a thought of what to do
She goes through this - day by day
Staying strong without a man
But it's love she really craves

Searching forever and ever
The search continues more
With every guy she meets
Her heart stays deeply sore

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