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Poem: Love Has Conquered My Heart, Tonight

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Love Has Conquered My Heart, Tonight
by Ricardo Saul LaRosa
Love has conquered my heart, tonight,
And I am going to tell the whole world just how much I love you!
What you are to me here on Earth;
You are a precious being;
Heaven sent,
Heaven blessed,
Heaven bound; again; but not tonight,

Tonight you are in my arms;
My embrace warms your soul;
No worries, no fears; no more lies,
Only you and I in the shadows by candlelight,
Sweet red rose wine overflowing in two glasses,
But not as sweet nor as red nor as overflowing with kisses 
as your lips are on mine,

Tonight you are my willing captive,
On this winter’s night on Long Island,
As the frosty winds pass by kissing the windows,
My lips are in love, too, as they kiss every inch of your body,
Two-hundred kisses and counting as you murmur sweetness,
Wrapping my hair in your fingers ever so softly.

Tonight our bodies, our souls, our spirit-minds become as one,
As only true lovers in love can ever become, 
As a sacred passion overwhelms us I begin to cry; 
And I weep out loud, of happiness! 
The Happiness your love has blessed me!
The love from your heart this poet has never known before!
The love that you brought to my heart; 
My heart that was slowly dying of loneliness; 
I thought that my lucky stars had forgotten me!

Not tonight!
Because you are in my arms,
I hold you tightly and sweetly, never wanting to let you go,
Tonight you are my love and mine alone,
Kiss me again a thousand times as only you know how to kiss me,
Love me again; and again; and again; and again, my love!

Until we fall asleep in each others arms;
And so in love,
As we sleep a restful sleep,
As our hearts beat as one,
As in our dreams our passions continue,
As the angels watch over us with awe and envy,
As I wake you up from your slumber just to say:
“I love you!”

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