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Poem: Crying on the Inside

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Crying on the Inside
by Mi Singh
If you had cared enough to look
You could have seen the signs
The whole world saw her pretty smile
But she was crying on the inside

Your cruel, contemptuous words
Finally took their toll
Her laugh that used to rival the sun
Grew dark as did her soul

You put her on a pedestal
As far as the world could see
Behind closed doors, you cursed, you swore
You beat her with your words

Over the years her scars grew thick
Became numb to poison arrows you hurled
Sadly too, she grew numb to love
The scars became walls; nothing could penetrate

Had you not been so wrapped up inside yourself
And how you thought your needs weren't being met
You might have realized she needed more, too
Than just dollars in a checking account

Perhaps if you hadn't searched so hard
For arms of comfort elsewhere
You might have been surprised to find 
Her arms wide open here

Is it any wonder her heart is calloused and cold?
She tried to tell you but you just wouldn't hear
You kept on, kept on, kept on, kept on
Until at last she swore- no more tears!

"I'm sorry," you say?  Hollow words on deaf ear
She's heard it all before
She won't be around next time to hear
"I'll make it up, I swear"

She once loved you more than life
Shared children, laughter, trials and storms
Yet, all your frustrations you took out on her
She didn't deserve your wrath, your scorn

All the diamonds in the world
No matter how they shine
Could not make it worth living with your contempt
You can't put a price on simply being kind

In case you're worried, or even if you're not
She's going to be just fine
She has a plan; her resolve is strong
Underestimate not her mind

If you had only cared enough to look
You could have seen the signs
The whole world saw her pretty smile
But she was crying on the inside

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