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Poem: Untitled

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by Ian Joseph Costello
I can only write about you
Because you do not yet know how I feel
There’s countless times I’ve wanted to let you know
But I didn’t know that what I felt was even real

And now I know, but without the words to convey
Every time I speak to you, it just gives me a better way
You not knowing makes it difficult for me to say
You make up my every thought with each passing day

I’ve learned some lessons through my careless mistakes
And it’s not usually me to ever make you wait
If ever we go there to where I hope we land
Could I go places with you, just to hold your hand?

No matter what there will be more good times than bad
And I can promise to you, that I’ll never make you sad
Not just when you’re weary, but when you’re feeling small
And when tears have filled your eyes, I will dry them all

I’ll always be on your side, when times are getting rough
I’ll be your source of guidance, when things are just too tough
And when friends are not there, or just a little hard to find
I’ll always be there for you, just to ease your mind

Before I liked you, my life had not yet any meaning
With everyday that goes by it’s almost as if I’m dreaming
I almost can’t describe how you make me feel
And I now never ask myself, if this feeling I have is real

There have been countless hours and unlimited days
That my longing for you desires in certain, but non existing ways
And even when the world around us is just falling apart
I’ll hold you in my arms forever to protect you from the dark

This new found feeling I can’t describe
It tells me to keep trying, even when I’m hurt inside
It gives me the reason to smile everyday
And gives me hope and it shows me the way

If you give me your heart I promise to hold it tight
And all of your feelings that come with it, 
I promise to make it right
You’re eyes don’t see how special you really are
Your heart and your emotions never seek to be apart

The heart you hold and love, 
You show much care for and strongly protect
In the hands of mine, this decision, I’m certain you’d never regret
And I wish that I could make you believe
Just for one day, how much you mean to me

Your smile so breathtaking and your voice so full of joy
That special sweetness about you is easily striven to enjoy
God made you so beautiful, inside and out
Regardless of what anyone thinks, it’s without a doubt

I like you because you are who you are and that’s not easy to be
And one day I’ll make you see, that you are truly beautiful, to me…


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