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Poem: Photograph

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by Chris Aranda
I want to capture your emotions
Your movement untouchable like the waves of many oceans
Use this mental camera to take a photograph
Every time you smile, you talk, you frown, you laugh
'Cause it's not enough
The looks and glances I cast
Their memory just never seems to last

I can't have you as another reason to lament my past
So just stare at me again
One more time
With those two eyes
Those two eyes, so innocent and pure
Within them is where I find love's tormenting cure
The one thing that inspires me to go through this life and endure
Anything that comes my way, positive or unsure

To me and the world, they speak no lies
And never witness my passionate outcries
They give hello's, never good-bye's
I want us to stare at each other
Let this silent adoration take us over and let it smother
My mind, body, and corazon
You pull back it's curtain, allowing all my feelings to be shown

So look at me, the way you do
Passage to a soul that seems so true
Trying to divert my eyes, but I can't stop looking at you
The times we're within each others presence are far too few
Part those lips, to release but merely one word
The sentences, letters, your voice, those treasures I've never heard

Want to be part of your life, part of your family
The chance of us not coming together
Is something I see as a terrible tragedy
So make my day, make my month, make my year
By calming this spirit, and extinguishing this fear
So just look at me with that angelic face
Allow my tired legs to rest from this never-ending chase
And transport me from this cruel world to a better place
I'll fly right into your arms and your gentle embrace

Now let me step back, take a look at you again
Wishing this moment would never end
Don't move, don't breathe, don't you dare
This second is frozen in space, not allowed to tear
Look at me, relax, and allow me, on my behalf
To stare right towards your beauty, and take your photograph.

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