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Poem: Come, See The Final Act With Me

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Come, See The Final Act With Me
by Eurlantae
Come, My Darling, see the final act with me;
The show has more to give- more color, more romance.
The plot is set, the characters are largely drawn.
Be with me as the crowning scene unfolds.

The curtain parts- the play continues toward its end.
So much yet to enjoy- knowing what has gone before.
Knowing that which makes the play sincere
And that to cast away- so sunrise, sunset lusters still.

Oh Darling, could I but grasp this script entire
And change the entrance, exit parts and times;
Could I but wrestle with Janus' decrees
To slake a thirst, to desiccate a tear.

But the past's congealed and set upon a shelf
To serve as food for winter's due reflection;
Today we dine with morning-glories blooming
Tonight, rosemary-lamb may be our fare.

And when the scenes have compassed all that is
Within this playbook, gradually unfolding,
And I to bed with all the hoary hosts
Who've bowed, rung down their final curtains.

I shan't demure transition's final call
If, as I rest, I might "perchance to dream."
This Hobson's choice to embrace the realm of death 
Would lose its fear if reverie were entertained.

For happy would I be if I could spend eternity
In dreams of you.
It would be sheer delight to keep you in my mind's sight-
There's nothing I would rather do.

I would think myself alive and fortunate to be revived
For don't you comprehend
My life with you has been a dream so it would seem
Eternity with you I'd spend.

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