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Poem: wondering about you

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wondering about you
by Kia Dawn Cameron
As i sit here and look at you,
i wonder what i should do.
I'm lost in your eyes and thinking all about you.
I'm wondering if i could ever kiss those soft, sweetened lips.
Wishing i can sit here and look into your eyes forever.
I want to hug you every time i see you, but still i wonder...
do you wish for the same? I sit here and listen to you
talking to me as i gaze into your gorgeous eyes, 
watch you soft lips. 
I sit here and listen to the words you say to me;
listen to your soothing voice and wonder if soon you'll belong to me.
Still sitting in the group in the same old hall, i am zoning out 
and thinking of you when i leave. When i pass by you 
i whisper under my breath, saying these seven words: 
"Forever and always i will love you."

To my secret love, Cody Minicker
I will never forget you

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