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Poem: Missing You

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Missing You
by Laura Lee English
I want to hold you - kiss you, and to avoid the "I miss you"
just being without you - the air feels much colder and crueler
every night is sleepless - unforgiving with no chance of relief
never feeling completly here, as though an important piece is missing

my room is an empty universe without your presence - my world is you 
my heart - so full of the love I feel - aches for the warmth from yours
I want to hold you in my arms - just smile - and feel completely happy
to miss the safety in your gentle embrace - i'm numb without your touch

like a distant memory - your kisses so soft as a summer's breeze 
where are you - not here with me - not where you are meant to be
all I have for now are dreams - to tide me as best they can
nothing can truly satisfy - till you're again at my side - in my arms

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