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Poem: The One

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The One
by matt earl puterbaugh
Your smile is brighter than the whitest snow,
your beautiful brown eyes glow and glow.
Ever since I met you, I knew this love would be true.
The first time we held hands,
I knew you would be in all of my life's plans.

You have the special touch, girl I love it, oh so much.
Our first kiss felt so free,
I am hoping it will last an eternity.
As I first played with your soft, precious hair,
I knew how much I would care.

When we first held each other,
I knew there would never be another.
When I looked into your eyes,
It seemed you erased all my past lies.

I love you more and more in every way,
This love is getting stronger every day.
As you talk, my legs just crumble
I feel like I can no longer walk.

You are my pride and joy,
You mean more to me than my favorite toy.
Whenever you touch me, it feels like fireworks,
And when you're upset with me- it hurts.

I hope we will never be apart,
But if that day comes, you will always be in my heart.
I will always have that space,
Because I feel our love will never fall out of its place.

You are more beautiful than the bluest sky,
And when you're hurt it makes me wanna cry.
I guess I can say you're brighter than the brightest sun,
I love you so much and I know you are THE ONE.

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