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Poem: Drifting Along

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Drifting Along
by Avery Robertson
There was the wind,
soft and stirring against my skin,
the sun touched warmth gently,
the moon sang me songs at night
and my lips smiled to the world
in their silence for the love I knew.

I walked on air, 
no daisy chains for me,
rose petals fell before each step,
and my life was scented with hope,
dazzling, yet simple,
I knew what happiness was.

Time stopped in its tracks,
I wandered the garden of eden,
hide and seek we played,
we sang songs of love while we
touched the stars, sparking the
night bright with passion.

All of a sudden time 'clicked' and
the world spun out of control,
I was lost, I didn't understand 
the words you spoke and the ones
you left unspoken, the air hung heavy.

Funny how you can build worlds,
empires and kingdoms just to watch 
them crumble and fall to dust,
in a second your moments creep into
scarred memories cutting and bleeding you dry 
while the tears swallow your soul.

Trying is just an empty box
left dusty on life's shelves,
ribbons fade like the glimmer
in your eyes and the wind grows cold,
your shoulders, bruised and broken 
shrugtrying to discard the pain.

Today I'm walking alone,
watching leaves flying in the air,
I no longer dance and I now know
that promises are not to keep sacred,
so, I will stroll along the pathways of my life
in the arms of time once again,

    I am alone without you. 

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