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Poem: My Angel Tears

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My Angel Tears
by Diane Long
I watched as he walked out my door
Never to come back again ever more...
I should never have let him go
Because deep down inside my heart, I love him so..

I told him I needed some space
And I saw the look of sadness on his face...
I lost him and now it is too late
I know now, he was my soulmate

And I was stupid enough to break his heart 
For, now we will always be apart
My life is over and incomplete without him
Why didn't I realize my love for him will never dim??

Now I shall cry like an angel that lost it's wings
I will never fly again or, shine with the queens and kings...
My angel tears shall flow down my face for all eternity
Until my face burns and life will never contain serenity.

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